Take a look at our talented H.E.S. Choir and their fantastic end of the year performance. 
HES Choir 2020

New Student Registration: July 14th


Welcome to Hayden Elementary School!

Our goal at Hayden Elementary is to engage students in learning that is both exciting and authentic. Teachers at Hayden Elementary work hard to purposefully design rigorous learning tasks that require students to analyze information, engage in productive dialogue and to apply their learning to everyday life. We teach our students to maintain a high level of character and self-discipline, and we frequently celebrate student accomplishments in learning and character together as a school. 

Thank you, parents, for allowing us to have the opportunity to make a positive difference in your child's life. Your child's time at Hayden Elementary will be filled with friendship, belonging, laughter and exciting challenges!

Feel free to take a look at our current Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP).




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Recent News 

Junior Ambassador
Community Service Project Announcement

Third grade students who are completing a Junior Ambassador community service project should only continue their project if it does not involve direct contact with other individuals. All recommended safety guidelines for social distancing must be followed. All students who have started a project should email their name to Mrs. Painter at brpainter@blountboe.net.  All students who email their name will be contacted in late July to schedule an opportunity to present their project. If you have any questions about the service project process or if you are unable to complete your project due to the current health situation, please contact Mrs. Frye by email at mfrye@blountboe.net.