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principal's Message

Welcome to Hayden Elementary School! 

We are excited to begin the adventure of distance learning with your children. For those of you who chose Option 1 (Online Learning), you will receive information from your child’s teacher, and you should see new assignments posted in Google Classroom every Monday morning

For those of you who chose Option 2 (Packet Learning at Home)... Packets will be available for pick up at school every Monday. Packets will be placed in tubs outside of the west end or our building, under the canopy and beside the entrance to the building. There will be four tubs (third-grade reading, third-grade math, fourth-grade reading and fourth-grade math). You will need to get both a reading and math packet for your child from the appropriate tub. If you have any questions about packet pick-up, please contact your child’s teacher by email. 

 We look forward to continued positive relationships with our students and parents, and we will do everything that we can to support your child’s learning during this unfortunate situation. Thank you, parents, for allowing us to have the opportunity to make a positive difference in your child's life. ​Feel free to take a look at our current Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP).



IMPORTANT INFORMATION: On Friday, April 3rd, we will have a drive through pickup for students’ personal belongings, report cards, pageant photos, and medications. We ask that you return all library books at this time as well. All parents and students must remain in cars at all times unless directed otherwise. Prior to coming, please use a marker to write your child’s name on paper in large print. We ask that you hold up this sign to assist at each station so that we know which student’s supplies to bring to your car. All cars should follow our regular car line route which begins at Bent Tree Drive. It is important that you arrive at the designated time for your child’s class, as all personal belongings will not be accessible at one time. If you have multiple children in our school, you may pick up belongings for both in one visit. You will be able to pick up a friend’s personal belongings, but only if they are in the same homeroom class. You will not be able to pick up report cards or medications for other students. If you are unable to pick up tomorrow, your child’s belongings will be held at the school and another pickup date will be scheduled this summer.  

Pick-Up Schedule:

8:00  Bamberry

8:30  McIlroy

9:00  Holland

9:30  Durrett

10:00 Love

10:30 Pinkard

11:00 Guthrie

11:30 Snider

12:00 Davis

12:30 Bryant

1:00  Frye

1:30  Bowen

2:00  Nix

2:30  Mullins

3:00  Carver

3:30  Hargett

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Recent News 

Junior Ambassador
Community Service Project Announcement

Third grade students who are completing a Junior Ambassador community service project should only continue their project if it does not involve direct contact with other individuals. All recommended safety guidelines for social distancing must be followed. All students who have started a project should email their name to Mrs. Painter at brpainter@blountboe.net.  All students who email their name will be contacted in late July to schedule an opportunity to present their project. If you have any questions about the service project process or if you are unable to complete your project due to the current health situation, please contact Mrs. Frye by email at mfrye@blountboe.net.